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Rotten School is a children's book series by R. L. Stine concerning the adventures of children at a boarding school. Each book is written from the perspective of Bernie Bridges, a fourth-grader who lives in his dormitory called The Rotten House at Rotten School with his pals Feenman, Crench, Belzer, Beast, Chipmunk, Nosebleed, Billy The Brain and others. Their rivals are Sherman Oaks, a rich spoiled brat, and his buddies Wes Updood and Joe Sweety, from the Nyce House dormitory. Bernie has a crush on a girl by the name of April–May June. Unfortunately, The Most Hulky Girl of Rotten School who goes by Jenifer Ecch is in love with Bernie, much to his appalled dismay. Bernie tries to earn money by many means, by selling stuff, stealing from his friends, and making bets with his schoolmates.

Unlike R. L. Stine's other works, Rotten School does not contain themes of horror but is rather a lighthearted comedy series.

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